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As you may know, this week we are supposed to write an audit for your blog. Over the past three months I have written ten posts and only one page. Of course if you want to see them you can just go to my blog. All of the posts that I wrote were for the challenge, but I am planning to do more, because I just enjoy blogging. Only a few of them were based on my interests, like my post about books. Only ten comments were posted on my blog, and that is fine with me. I don’t need a million comments to be happy, plus that would be really hard to manage all those comments. I didn’t want to change my blog theme all that much, because I wanted it to be the same through-out, but I had to change it to the current one because the old one would not show any widgets.

To me, my favorite post writing about is my post about extinction. If you want to read that you can do so here. I found that post really fun to make, and it gave me a little bit more knowledge about what animals are near to extinction today. My post about where you should go in Washington, D.C. got the most comments. I don’t really know why, but I have a suspicion that it is because I included Georgetown Cupcakes in that post.

I have about nine widgets on my blog. A majority of them are text widgets. I quite enjoy my widgets, they’re simple and useful, well the Christmas countdown may not be necessary, but I like it.

I took my blog and showed it to one of my teachers. She was thoroughly impressed by my writing abilities. My pictures helped the post and were not distracting, and she knew exactly what the post was going to be about just by reading the title. She pointed out a little spelling mistake on one of my posts, but that is very minor. She loved my blog and said to keep up the great work.

Well that is it for this week’s post. I will see you again soon. Not quite sure when, I might post a little something here and there if my teacher allows, but for now, good bye.


2 thoughts on “My Blog Audit

  1. Hi Hannah

    You certainly have done a great job with your blog and I hope you will continue to enjoy and share this with your friends. Best wishes for 2015.

    Mrs Swannell

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