Extinction Of Animals

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Hello there. Today I am here to talk about animal extinction. You see, I care dearly about animals and I think that this topic will be quite easy for me.

Well as you see in the picture above, that is a malayan tiger. It is very endangered. Only about 500 are left in the world. Such a beautiful animal is it, it would be a shame to see it disappear from the face of this earth. The leading causes of their near extinction is poaching and habitat loss. Luckily the World Wide Fund for Nature is doing something about this, they are going to be researching them and making tiger friendly decisions from now on. If you want to find more information about this animal, you can find it here.

Animals are such amazing and interesting species out there in my opinion. If one animal goes extinct it will set off a chain reaction of disasters, and I do not mean hurricane kind of disaster. You see there is a food chain, in which animals need each other to live, if one of those animals die off then all the other animals in that chain will get out of control.


Photo Credit: ucumari photography via Compfight cc

The picture above is an amur leopard. Critically endangered and only about 30 individuals in the world. They tend to live in forests and mountains in Asia. The main reasons why they are so scarce is because the prey count is getting lower and illegal trading. Poachers would kill them for their beautiful spotted fur. The amur leopard is on the brink of extinction the World Wide Fund for Nature is also doing something about this. They are keeping an eye on the population, protecting their habitat, and stopping poachers from killing the leopards. If you want to learn more and what you can do to help you can do so here.

Thanks to things like the World Wide Fund for Nature, these animals have a chance to survive and repopulate. You can help too by going to this website and seeing what you can do. You might find an animal that you will absolutely love.  So many other animal species are endangered and need help to stay alive and I hope you do not want that. Any way thank you for spending precious time of yours to come and read this. I will see you next week!



4 thoughts on “Extinction Of Animals

  1. Hi I love Tigers too! They are my favorite wild animal. But why do you think care so much about them? Look at my sight at michaela02.edublogs.org

    • Hello there Michaela, thanks for visiting my blog! The reason why I love animals so much is because they are living creatures like us that I believe deserve to live freely and to be respected by other beings such as humans. I chose tigers and other big cats because they are fairly popular species among the endangered animals. Because of the fact that they are endangered and societies willingness to help other beings in need I decided to make a post about the endangered animals to spread awareness.

  2. Hi! I love your post about endangered animals! I think it is very cruel that people hurt and kill those animals and I’m very glad people are trying to protect them. When my mom and aunt were in Hawaii on a vacation they saw a monk seal while they were kayaking! There is only 2,000 in the world! It’s amazing that they saw and endangered animal, have you ever seen an endangered animal?
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